Mining Project

Nowadays, Minexcorp Gold Mining is working in different projects in Colombia, where each and every one of them is in a different action phase

Nowadays, the most advanced one is the Vereda Guayaquil Mining project, in the municipality of Pensilvania, in the state of Caldas. It is a relevant mining project that pivots around the gold exploration and exploitation, which, in addition to creating wealth in the area, bets on responsible mining, with the nearby population as well as the environment.

This way, the Vereda Guayaquil mining project is going to create more than 600 direct jobs in the next three years, in addition to employing more than one thousand people in an indirect way. This way, in addition to being able to accomplish our goals, we bet on the Colombian economy, in general, and on the area´s economy, in particular, being strengthened and becoming a milestone in an area where country tasks are the only source of income.

It is one of the main economical assets of the country. So is the case, that lately it has been intensified until the point of becoming one of the main driving forces of the economy. This way, in 2016 it reached a milestone of a historical maximum in gold production (reaching 61.805.290,57 grams/ 1.987.086,03 troy ounces in volume)
Nonetheless, the deposits or the activity are not new to this American country, because Colombia is the background of the greatest history, production and gold exploitation in South America, with its leading role in this activity dating back to pre-Hispanic times

Colombia´s nature and geotechnical conditions make it the perfect place for mining. The main gold deposits are of porphyry type, epithermal, orogenic gold, massive volcanogenic sulfides and alluvial gold.

We are a corporation that is committed with the environment and with growth. That is why, we work with this premise as a standard, with the goal of making our exploitations more sustainable and trying not to generate contaminating leftovers nor poverty in the community where the exploitation is located.
Because we believe in a sustainable mining activity with a minimum impact, we bet on green mining, by using green and sustainable techniques that do not cause environmental harm and avoid traditional mining processes at all times, protecting this way the natural action environment and the security and health of our workers, as well as that of the people nearby.

In a few words, we are committed to developing and defending at all times sustainable mining and a responsible environmental management. For this, we will comply with all the planned parameters and we will contribute at all time to the development of the communities that shelter us in their zones, contributing to their improvement, development and giving them the opportunity the improving the lives of present and future generations.

We study and value your mining project

We help you evaluate the feasibility of your mining project, by carefully studying every case, and this way, becoming you support when it is time to make decisions.