"A Golden"opportunity
for investment

Gold as an investment asset

Gold is a value, and value is power. That is why, the reasons for investing in this precious metal are not few. Minexcorp Gold Mining lists few of them:

Investment possibilities

As a matter of fact, international corporations are already exploring gold in Colombia, aware of the great mining potential that this country has. This way, a lot of possibilities for external capital inflow and investment are available, until the point of not needing and authorization and giving total freedom for investment in any economical field. In addition, legal protection and treatment is the same as the one towards residents
That is why, all of those people with a vision of growth and who have their focus set in obtaining benefits will have the possibility of joining our path to success by becoming part of the Vereda Guayaquil mining project, as well as in all of those where Minexcorp Gold Mining works. One option in the type of investment is the International Figure of Mining Investment (FIDIM), with which great projects are made thanks to the acquisition of rights by small and medium size investors.