Mining is playing an important transformative role in Columbia lately, becoming one of the corner stones of the Columbian economy and an attractive potential on an international level. That is why, in Minexcorp Gold Mining, while aware of it, we want to become leaders in the exploration and exploitation of gold, which is why we cannot afford not to be present in a sustainable and committed way in the path towards the future, in a path towards success in which you can accompany us.

The Minexcorp concept pivots
around the main corner stones.

We grow and
expand our horizons

Who are we?

Leaders in the 21st century mining

Minexcorp Gold Mining was born with a clear calling:
to create wealth, jobs and wellbeing around the exploration, extraction and gold production activities.

But that would not be possible without all of those highly qualified professionals that develop their activity around our projects every single day.

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Gold, a secure investment

Gold has been, is, and always will be the equivalent of wealth and success.
To invest in gold is always a secure bet.

We arrive to the future with strength

The first precious metals
mines blockchain.