MinexCorp Gold Mining

It is a mining company dedicated to gold exploration, extraction and production, nowadays developing its activities in Colombia.
Nowadays it is working on several mining project in Colombian soil, where it works on a daily basis in order to become the reference in the mining industry.
It was born with a clear calling of focusing its efforts and resources in an industry that is expected to become the main driving force in the country´s economy, in addition to being an important activity on an international level.
That is why, the human resources are made of the best experts, each in their respective fields, in order to be able to offer the best services and respect the corporate philosophy that we believe in.
In short, our human resources are the most important ones, which is why we surround ourselves with outstanding, honest and decent professionals, who look for excellence all the time and eagerly inspire their colleagues and communities, and give the best they have to offer not only as experts, but also as human beings.

Technical studies

The making of technical, economical and environmental viability studies of mining projects.

Environmental studies

The making of environmental impact studies and environmental management plans for exploration, construction, assembly and exploitation mining activities.

Geology and mining

Studies of structural and geological mapping, hydrothermal changes and mineralization.

Geomorphology, Geotechnology and hydrology

Studies of geomorphological units and soil analysis and description.

Socioeconomical studies

The making of environmental and social management plans for the mining project´s development and management.


Design and assembly or management of database and/or specialized software development for environmental and mining documentation management.

Legal and managerial studies

Development of Due Diligence kind of processes, in order to analyze the current state of mining and environmental permits.

Social responsibility

Our partners

We walk towards success in close collaboration with our partners